HELL YEAH WE DO! Please contact us at hello@saltybeachbathco.com and we will chat with you ASAP!


We ship all across North America at the moment, if you live farther, please contact us directly and we might be able to figure something salty out!

To ship throughout Canada it is a flat rate of 10$. Shipping internationally is $20. This does not include express shipping.


Natural wax is NATURAL, and because we use 100% soy wax it might re-solidify a little weird at the top sometimes. DON'T worry this is NATURAL and happens quite often. We are all a little funky sometimes.

A long time, just don't leave them burning unattended. (40-45 hours)

* Don't be lazy and trim that wick to 1/4 inch. 
* Commit to the burn - Allow the wax to melt to edges of the jar, wax has a memory.
* Don't be an accident and leave debris in wax
* Allow wax to cool before lighting again, chill time.
* Straighten out that wick for consistent burn.
* Stay away from wind.


Cold and dry place, not like the beach.

YEAH IT IS! Just don't eat it everyday.

A chemical compound made of hydrated magnesium and sulphate that look like those beautiful little crystals we all love.

Typically 1-2 years, we recommend that you store your salts in a airtight container (just like the one they came in)

We recommend consulting your doctor first before using bath salts or taking a bath while pregnant. We are not doctors, don't ask us.